Real Estate

Buying or selling with our firm is synonymous with quality and guarantee, we take care of all the listed procedures and formalities:

  • Purchase – sale – lease contracts.
  • Ordering and supervision of title deeds (Notary’s office).
  • Checking and settlement of taxes.
  • Application for or cancellation of mortgage loans, as well as financial credits.‚Ä®Market studies – Appraisals – Valuations.
  • Checking before the Land Registry: Ownership – State of charges and encumbrances (debts) – Tax and town planning affections.
  • Checking before the Cadastre: Ownership – State of property tax charges and municipal taxes (debts).
  • Checking and application for municipal statement of compliance.
  • Checking and order of the energy certificate.
  • Checking of the state of charges (debts), and certificates of the community of owners.
  • Checking of the state of charges (debts) of the electricity and water supplies.

We want the buyer to be in charge only of choosing the property that meets his/her needs and desires, forgetting about all these formalities, so that he/she can enjoy his/her property from the first day without any worries.

We want the seller to be in charge only of contracting our professional sales services on an exclusive basis, thus completely forgetting about all the worries and/or administrative formalities.