Real Estate Management
Management & Representation
Fiscal and Administrative

Our company offers a range of professional services in the following areas:

• Tax Representation & Tax declarations for non-residents.
• Tax declarations for residents.
• Management and representation in property purchases and sales.
• Property expertises and assessments.
• Inheritances, wills, donations, dissolutions, extinctions.
• Administrative procedures and formalities.
• Legal advice (registered lawyer).

Using the services of a professional with proven experience is a guarantee for the achievement of or investment in a future project. Registered Lawyer Nº. 1.103; Expert Appraiser, C.I.P. Nº. 0044 (Tecpeval); Accountant and Tax Advisor, C.I.P. Nº. 03834 (Aece). Real Estate Agent (API), collegiate Nº. 21.417 (National) and 1.034 (Provincial).

Purchase & Sale:

Buying or selling with Euro Team Consultants is undoubtedly a synonym of guarantee and professionalism, we are not just another real estate agency, in our office you will find a group of professionals who will advise you and guide you towards a safe management, without surprises, without small print, fully loyal.

  • The properties we offer on our website come exclusively from our customer portfolio, from the MLS-Asivega real estate network, from the real estate network of the API agents, complying with all the legal requirements according to current regulations. All of them comply with all legal requirements in compliance with current regulations.
  • The purchase or sale of a property involves a whole range of procedures and verifications; our department selects and supervises the state of the property before marketing it.
  • Our professional office takes care of all the legal procedures and formalities.

With more than 20 years of experience in management, processing, and representation, these are some of the main professional services we offer:

  • Representation, management and processing of any purchase and sale.• Inheritance Declarations/Acceptances/Allotments/Renunciations of Inheritance • Donations – Dissolutions – Extinctions.
  • Representation, Management and Processing: Powers of Attorney – Wills (Spanish, English, French).
  • Fiscal representation for non-resident and resident foreign owners.
  • Town planning formalities and procedures (deeds of declaration of new building), amendment, rectification, ratification, end of works, projects and licences, cadastral registrations and/or alterations, statements of compliance, energy certificates).
  • Contracts, changes of ownership and/or domiciliation in relation to supplies and/or administration services (electricity, water, gas, telephone, property tax, community of owners).
  • Application and representation to obtain the N.I.E. (foreigner’s identification number).

Compliance with your tax and/or fiscal obligations before the competent public administration (tax and/or social security) is a mandatory duty.
At our tax & administrative department, you will receive customised advice adapted to the needs of your business and/or project, while offering you various options within the requirements set out by the regulations in force. These are some of the services we offer:

  • Various formalities and procedures before the Public Tax Administration (TAX AUTHORITY).
  • Tax returns for individuals and/or corporations (annual income tax; VAT; withholdings; quarterly and annual returns for the self-employed).
  • Tax returns for resident and non-resident individuals.

Mr. Guillermo Montoya Bonafós (collegiate No.: 1.103), has been working as a lawyer since 1994, with extensive professional experience, he offers representation and defence services in the following legal fields:

  • Civil law.
  • Criminal law.
  • Family law.
  • Administrative law.
  • Banking law.
  • Immigration law.